About ASP.Net:

Promise of this ASP Dot Net Training (ASP.Net) course is to help strengthen your “ASP Dot Net Training (ASP.NET) programming skill”. This Asp Dot Net Training course provides an exhaustive coverage of C# programming language and ASP.NET technology features like Asp Dot NET framework, object oriented programming, Inheritance, Interfaces, Exception Handling, Reflection, collection and generics, delegates and events, Windows Application using WinForms, File I/O, XML in .NET, ADO.NET, Deployment and introduction to advanced .NET framework technologies like WPF, WCF and WF ,ASP.NET Architecture, State Management, Caching Master Pages and Themes, User Controls and Data Access, Security, ASP.NET 4.0 Control Enhancements, Using jQuery with ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Dynamic Data web sites, Navigation, WCF Service and AJAX. To master this Asp Dot Net Training program, you need hands-on practice along with clarity of concepts. This Asp Dot Net Training course emphasis 50% of course duration on Lab practice and includes smart tips like Best Practice, Interview Tip, Group Exercise, Classroom Quiz to help increase your curiosity and help you to become expert with knowledge of peripheral concepts.

Training Curriculum:

After Completion Of ASP Dot Net Training Course You Will Learn

  •  Create web based applications
  •  Use different server controls to create rich user interactive web sites
  •  Use different techniques of State Management
  •  Access data from the database in data bound controls on the web page
  •  Apply Master page to different pages in the web site
  •  Use ASP.NET security features for authenticating the web site
  •  Perform configuration settings in web.config file
  •  Personalize a web page by using web parts
  •  Use ASP.NET Training in Jaipur AJAX to create asynchronous web applications

In The ASP Dot Net Training Course, You Will Learn

  •  Web Applications
  •  Creating Software Prototypes
  •  Scientific and Numeric Computing
  •  Network Programming
  •  Games and 3D Applications
  •  A Good Language to Teach Programming to Freshers

Highlights Of 6 Months Training :

  •  Training can convert into stipend once the tehcnology is fully learnt.
  •  100% Job Assistance with 500+ Leading MNC”s
  •  Project Certificate from Patna Industrial Training
  •  Training Certificate from Patna Industrial Classes: Training & Development Centre
  •  100% Practical Training only.
  •  Training Targeting Industrial Website Development in Patna
  •  Live Project work Under Great Supervision
  •  6 Month written work Exp. Certificate – Pvt. Ltd Company
  •  Resume & Interview Preparation from Our Experts
  •  100% free Consultancy from our Corporate HR Manager
  •  Net and PHP Training on our Commercial LIVE PROJECTS.
  •  Experience of Live hosting and Server Management.
  •  Experience Certificate would be given for Asp .NET / PHP Live Project